The accounting certifications employers crave

With so many accounting certifications out there and so little time between work, it can be a challenge to identify which is best for your career. Fortunately, we at Robert Half have provided you an overview of the accounting qualifications that employers today crave to help you find the right certification that suits your needs.

4 smart ways to hone your listening skills

Fast, non-stop, whirlwind – does this describe your day? Regardless of your profession, family life or personal interests, there’re just not enough hours in the day. And with all this hustle and haste, there’s one skill that’s rapidly becoming a lost art – listening skills.

6 ways to jumpstart your career in Singapore

Named the world’s easiest place to do business by the World Bank for the past 10 years, it comes across as no surprise that professionals worldwide seek career opportunities in Singapore. Here are six tips that can help jumpstart your career in Singapore.  

How to answer: “What are your weaknesses?”

Like most job interview questions, “What are your weaknesses” can be challenging to answer. To answer this interview question well, you first have to know what your weaknesses are. Then, you have to craft a response that puts those weaknesses in the best possible light.

How to dress appropriately for an interview

Donning a suit isn’t always necessary at a job interview. But knowing what works and how to dress for a job interview will help you create a killer first impression that your future manager will remember.