How to ask for a raise: To persuade or negotiate?

"How to ask for a raise?" It can be a tricky question. Ask yourself: Is your pay commensurate with the industry average? Are you being paid what you're worth? Find out which approach you should take to negotiate the ideal the number.

How to become a CFO – 7 steps to guide your career path

Leading the financial operations of a company requires significant expertise in your field. No matter what stage you are in your finance career, make sure you are on the right path to establish your professional expertise towards this C-suite position. In this blog, we explore how to become a CFO and what skills you may need to set yourself up for this opportunity.

How to answer “What are your salary expectations?”

It’s the most dreaded question in any job interview: “What are your salary expectations?” Unfortunately, it can't be avoided, especially when online application systems make answering the question a requirement. Follow these five tips the next time you’re asked this tricky question.