It’s a 3-day weekend! Here are some activities to fill this Labour Day weekend.

It’S A 3-Day Weekend! Here Are Some Activities To Fill This Labour Day Weekend.

You’ve been working hard, and you deserve a break from your labours. Here are a few ways you can use this time wisely and in ways that will enrich you too.

Labour Day is a day where we celebrate your achievements as a worker, and your contributions to society. And because it happens to fall on a Friday this year, we all can enjoy a 3-day holiday! But if you’re the sort to feel restless by day 2, check out this activity guide for some inspiration on how to make the best use of this Labour Day weekend.

Dust off your walking shoes
Lace up those boots and get out there for some fresh air.

We suggest you take a hike. No, we’re not being rude. Put on a pair of comfortable trainers or trekking shoes and head off to your city’s nature trails. If you lead a sedentary life where the only light you’re exposed to is from the glow of your computer screen and the fluorescent lighting in your office, an easy hike under the sun will do you wonders.

Spending an entire day being disconnected from social media and emails and reconnecting with yourself does wonders for both mind and body. Aside from the obvious benefits hiking has as a cardio workout, you will also sleep better in the nights following your hike, and return to work feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Or if you think you know your city inside out, you can try going on an ‘urban hike’. You’ll be surprised once you start exploring neighbourhoods you don’t usually go to. An urban hike could uncover hidden gems, and as a ‘tourist’, you’re bound to come across places and people that will fill you with delight.

Donate your weekendvolunteer-labour-dayHelping someone in need can be the most meaningful way to spend your time

Instead of whiling your Labour Day weekend away at a trendy café, consider giving some of your time to those less fortunate. An activity that can involve your whole family or just yourself, volunteering is a great and meaningful way to give back to society. Most cities would have facilities such as shelters that almost always need volunteers. If you have never volunteered before and don’t know where to start, try seeking out a charity that’s registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). NGOs are, unfortunately, usually understaffed and are driven mainly by funding raised from charity drives or from private donors, so they need all the help they can get. You can choose to volunteer with homeless shelters, orphanages, special needs organisations, or if you love animals, consider joining an animal rescue.

Alternatively, organise a charity drive amongst friends, family and colleagues to collect unwanted clothes still in wearable condition to donate to homes and shelters. It’s certainly one of the most meaningful ways to spend your Labour Day weekend!

Pick up a new skill or start on a project
pottery-labour-dayPick up a new skill or start on a new project and surprise yourself with what you can do

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your own ceramic-ware from scratch, defend yourself with Krav Maga, bake your own croissants or learn to wakeboard – consider signing up for a crash-course over the long weekend. Or you could plan to take 1 trial class a day to find out what you like most. Learning a new skill takes your mind off work, and you just might discover a newfound passion and something to look forward to after work and on weekends.

If you’re already familiar with crafts such as woodwork or jewellery-making, you can use this Labour Day weekend to start on a short 3-day project. Working with your hands can be very fulfilling, and gives your self-esteem a major boost!

While the idea of a 72-hour jaunt to a nearby destination can be fun, consider taking up other activities that might enrich your life in ways that you can never imagine. Now let’s see how much you can accomplish in 3 days. Have fun!

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