6 interesting reasons to pursue a finance career in Singapore

By Robert Half on 19 September 2023
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Thinking about a finance career in Singapore?

There's more to a career in finance or accounting than simply scrutinising spreadsheets.

These often unsung professionals experience great diversity, challenge and opportunity in their role.

Gina Chia, finance and accounting Division Director at Robert Half Singapore describes why pursuing a finance career is a great option in Singapore.

"As a vibrant regional financial hub, the demand for skilled accounting professionals in Singapore is expected to rise. There are emerging opportunities for accounting graduates in a robust financial sector as well as across other commercial businesses."

Gina started her finance recruitment journey in 2009 and has since accumulated extensive experience in executive search with specific focus on the Accounting and Finance function for mid-senior level roles across commerce industries. The search assignments she has successfully worked on are at the middle management to CFO/Head of Department level across Accounting/Controllership, Financial Planning & Analysis, Tax, Treasury, Corporate Finance, Internal Audit/Compliance as well as Risk Management.

Here are six exciting facts about finance careers in Singapore that demonstrate why a career in finance is an interesting and rewarding pathway:

1. Your voice is an important one

Today’s financial analysts, auditors, accountants and compliance professionals in Singapore are considered valued business partners and key decision makers.

Companies rely on their sound advice to make recommendations and shape strategy.

Companies increasingly want them to speak up and identify problems before they get out of hand. In fact, being outgoing and client-oriented are key strengths for a career in accounting and finance today.

Executives want their finance professionals to provide candid assessments of the firm’s books and financial practices and to offer data-grounded insights and solutions.

Finance and accounting professionals give senior management accurate financial information that executives use to meet company objectives and ensure growth.

They are also key players in strategic decisions such as hiring and navigating changes in tax laws, and many serve as leaders in mentoring programs and team building.

Fulfilling all of these roles is a source of pride for these professionals and make a career in finance and accounting very appealing.

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2. Diversity of tasks keeps it rewarding

Many finance professionals love the scope and dynamic aspects of their jobs.

They like being able to tap their technological know-how, methodical approaches to problem solving and deep understanding of how businesses work.

They enjoy being called on to help predict and prevent risks associated with new products and ventures, implement and monitor software solutions, analyse large sets of data and help with staffing issues.

In a finance career, you must be both detail-oriented and able to see the bigger picture.

3. Finance work aligns with your personality

If you’re a finance graduate, you were likely drawn to the profession because you are confident working with numbers.

Many finance professionals share traits such as being highly organised, logical and reliable. Perhaps you’re even a borderline perfectionist.

When your profession matches your personality, the result is greater career satisfaction.

4. Finance pros are strong team players

The 'fact' that people who are good with numbers aren’t effective in a team setting isn’t a fact but a stereotype.

Many people in finance are extroverted, agreeable and open. As such, they enjoy sharing ideas, making strategic decisions and solving problems with colleagues.

Their jobs allow them to use both the left (analytical) and right (creative) sides of their brain.


5. There’s room to explore and grow

Doctors specialise during their residencies and generally stick to their chosen area of medicine. Similarly, athletes and academics often adhere to one area of expertise.

Not so with accounting and finance professionals in Singapore, who, with some additional training, can handle a broad range of positions and roles.

The potential for personal and professional growth in a finance career is wide and as employers are eager to hire such specialists, this career path offers great upward mobility.

An accounting degree or Master of Business Administration, especially when paired with the right certifications and ongoing training, can open doors to a wide variety of jobs.

With a solid work history, you likely have the requisite financial, technical and interpersonal skills for roles in a number of different industries and companies. You could even strike out on your own as a financial consultant.

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6. Finance professionals and accounting careers are growing

As business opportunities grow in Singapore, so will the need for finance professionals, especially positions in financial reporting, controllership, commercial finance, FP&A and compliance.

Why do people like finance

A finance career means you're not restricted to just one company. Whether you’re relocating or just ready for a new challenge, the positions are out there.

Before you ask for a promotion or negotiate a salary for a new job, consult the Robert Half Salary Guide and our Salary Calculator so you’re on solid ground.

Aside from your affinity for working with numbers, there are many reasons a career in finance is a great move. Take advantage of all the opportunities your job offers, and you can have a long and satisfying career.

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