How to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist

By Robert Half on 19 December 2022

Singapore is in the grip of what’s being described as an acute skills shortage, and this is providing a wealth of opportunities to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

The skills shortage is making it harder for employers to build skilled teams. In response, many companies are engaging the support of a Talent Acquisition Specialist to find the professional staff they need to keep the business competitive and on track for growth.

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This article explores how to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist in Singapore, and what skills and experience are required to succeed in the role.

The role of a Talent Acquisition Specialist

If you’re thinking about becoming a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you will need outstanding interpersonal skills because this is essentially a role that involves working with people.

On a daily basis, a Talent Acquisition Specialist meets with clients, often a company’s hiring manager, to discuss and determine their staffing needs.

Part of this process will see the Talent Acquisition Specialist share the latest data on the labour market and market salaries, as well as providing insights on non-monetary benefits that can help the company attract and retain top talent. This calls for a Talent Acquisition Specialist to continually stay up to date with what is happening in the labour market.

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While the Talent Acquisition Specialist may be engaged to fill a single role, there can be times when a company needs to fill multiple positions – often within a tight timeframe. This can be the case if the organisation opens a new regional office or a new department.

Sourcing suitable candidates can be a complex and skilled process. With a clear understanding of their client’s recruitment needs, the Talent Acquisition Specialist will advertise the role across appropriate channels based on their knowledge of the market.

An experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist will also often have a database of pre-screened talent that can be called upon, as well as various contacts across their professional network, who may be suitable for a given role.

From here, the Talent Acquisition Specialist works towards building a short list of candidates to present to the client. This involves screening calls and CVs, and conducting early interviews and background checks to determine the ideal candidates in terms of skills, experience and personality who match the company’s needs and its culture.

The Talent Acquisition Specialist may also be involved in negotiating the terms of employment for new recruits, and even assisting with onboarding new staff to ensure they are able to contribute to the company from an early stage.

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The skills required to be a Talent Acquisition Specialist

To become a Talent Acquisition Specialist it may not be necessary to hold tertiary qualifications though some firms may look for professionals with a bachelor degree in Business, Psychology or a related field.

The key to success as a Talent Acquisition Specialist can lie in having several soft skills.

Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, are especially important.

The Talent Acquisition Specialist must have a clear grasp of the needs of the hiring company, be able to draft appealing advertisements to attract high calibre candidates, and explain the role and its requirements to jobseekers.

A Talent Acquisition Specialist also benefits from strong networking skills. This is critical to nurture long term relationships with business leaders particularly hiring managers, as well as managing relationships with a variety of professionals from new graduates to executives.

As the role of Talent Acquisition Specialist can be fast-paced, an ability to prioritise tasks, juggle multiple projects and handle a high pressure environment is essential.

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Technical skills needed to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Skills in using LinkedIn and other job board platforms or employment marketplaces are a must-have for a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

A range of IT skills is also an advantage, including knowledge of software such as Word, Excel and a variety of databases.

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The experience needed to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Experience working in recruitment or human resources can be an advantage in becoming a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

That said, among recruitment firms that specialise in certain sectors such as accounting, finance or IT, it can be helpful for a Talent Acquisition Specialist to have experience working in these industries.

This can provide a better understanding of the client’s recruitment needs and preferred industry qualifications, as well as providing a working knowledge of industry terminology.

Becoming a Talent Acquisition Specialist means committing to a fast-paced role and working closely with a variety of different people from all walks of life on a daily basis. The reward can be forming lasting relationships with companies and professionals, who turn to you for support achieving their recruitment goals over the long term.

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