Systems Analyst job description guide

What is a Systems Analyst?

Singapore is rapidly tapping into the benefits of digitalisation as the city-state sets its sights on becoming a tech-driven nation . This has fuelled demand for Systems Analysts, who are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining efficient and secure IT systems for an organisation. A key aspect of the Systems Analyst role is planning for regular upgrades to ensure the system continually meets changing business needs, while minimising system downtime and interruption to business activities.

To secure the best candidate, a Systems Analyst job description must be well-written and address a specific selection of attributes and abilities.

What should be included in a Systems Analyst job description?

If you are hiring a Systems Analyst, the job description can feature:

  • Designing new computer systems and frameworks
  • Maintaining and upgrading existing systems as required
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Creating system guidelines and manuals for the organisation
  • Collaborating with other IT team members to resolve issues and ensure consistent solutions
  • Developing training materials and conducting training sessions for system users
  • Conducting regular reviews of the organisation’s IT systems to identify areas for enhanced efficiency and security improvements

What skills and qualifications should a Systems Analyst have?

A formal degree is typically required for a Systems Analyst, often with tertiary qualifications in:

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems

There are several qualities that candidates for a Systems Analyst role should be expected to display:

  • A technical, logical thought process
  • An ability to prioritise tasks
  • An ability to adapt to new systems
  • A keen eye for detail

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