Temporary Recruitment Services

Temporary employees can fill in for absent staff or employees on holiday; assist with special projects; or pitch in during especially busy times. Companies of all sizes rely on the use of specialised temporaries for 'just-in-time' access to in-demand skills. Robert Half sources highly-skilled professionals to help you with your temporary recruitment needs.

Why Use a Temporary Professional?

  • Using specialised temporary professionals to augment permanent staff is a cost effective way for your organisation to maintain productivity during workload peaks and troughs.
  • Specialised temporary professionals can fill in for absent staff or employees on leave, assist with special projects or help out during busy periods.
  • Temporary staff can be used during interim periods while you search for full-time employees.

The Benefits of Using a Temporary Professional

  • You can evaluate the need for specific positions before committing to the costs involved in creating a permanent role.
  • Introduce new or specialised skills into the organisation that may be lacking among full-time employees.
  • Optimise your organisational structure with a strategic mix of fixed cost (permanent) and variable cost (temporary).
  • With the right combination of permanent and temporary staff in place, you will have specialised experience to complete current initiatives and continue progress toward long-term goals.

The Results:

  • Reduction in costs associated with hiring, training and administering permanent staff.
  • Optimal personnel level and elimination of constant restructuring and rehiring to accommodate special circumstances and increases in business activity.
  • Maximise cost savings and increase efficiency, morale and job security for permanent staff.
  • We are able to quickly secure high calibre professionals without the delays associated with a permanent recruitment process.

For all temporary staffing solutions, we offer the working interview which is our guarantee that you'll get the best person, first time. Learn more about the working interview.

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