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An Internal Auditor will work within a company to monitor and assess how risks are being managed and how internal processes are working. An Internal Auditor will act as a consultant, applying a systematic methodology to their work, looking at ways in which to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management and improve how a company operates overall.

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  • Evaluating the company's compliance program
  • Assessing whether risk management is being handled optimally within a company by evaluating information security and risk exposures
  • Reporting on risk management issues
  • Analysing how the company will perform in the case of business interruption
  • Providing continued education and advice to different business units and teams regarding compliance and risk assessment
  • Anticipating emerging issues through various assessments
  • Communicating with a variety of stakeholders


A degree in one of the following fields is likely to benefit anyone looking to develop a career in Internal Auditing:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Computing
  • Business Studies

Anyone looking to work in this industry will also be expected to display the following qualities:

  • Attention to detail is imperative
  • Organisational and time-keeping skills
  • The ability to keep calm under pressure, especially when there are tight deadlines
  • The ability to think objectively
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, as there will be ongoing communication with teams in other business units and the senior management team
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Internal Auditor salary

An Internal Auditor earns an average salary per year of: S$141,611.

Internal Auditor salaries range from S$54,000 to S$300,000.

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