Singapore Salary Guide 2016


The Robert Half Singapore Salary Guide provides indispensable salary information for hiring managers and candidates alike, allowing you to plan payroll, set recruitment budgets, and stay up to date with the latest employment trends in Singapore.

Are you a job seeker? Use the guide to discover salary ranges in your industry, establishing an industry benchmark to drive your next salary negotiation!

Are you a hiring manager? Use the salary report to better understand anticipated year-on-year salary increases, including commentary on the current hiring environment.

Hiring Climate

What to expect in 2016

Despite the government’s conservative estimate on economic growth, Singapore’s robust corporate ecosystem continues to attract firms looking to establish a footing in South East Asia, driving competition for top talent.

As with other leading Asian hubs, specialist or niche skills top the list of demands, on top of regional business exposure.

Industry Sectors

Finance & Accounting salaries

Finance and Accounting

85% of CFOs and business leaders project a positive business growth, albeit a conservative hiring stance. About 50% of them plan to hire within the first half of 2016 to attend to new projects and new market penetration efforts.

Banking & Financial Services salaries


The financial services sector remains buoyant with 1 in 2 mid-sized firms looking to recruit within the first of 2016. However, a staggering 96% of business leaders cite challenges in finding suitable people for the business.


Technology salaries


FinTech and IT security professionals are hot in demand this year, driving close to 45% of firms to grow their teams in the first half of 2016. More than half (57%) the CTOs/CIOs surveyed plan to increase salaries as well.

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Salary Tips & Resources

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