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The Robert Half Singapore Finance & Accounting Salary Guide provides insights into salaries across the finance & accounting sector, the anticipated year-on-year increases and commentary on the current hiring environment.

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Sector Highlights

Backed by a strong business outlook, CFOs and business leaders’ hiring intentions are fuelled by implementation of new projects (59%) and new market penetration (49%). Firms that offer a more competitive remuneration but with flexible work arrangements will have a better recruitment edge.

finance and accounting top sought after skills

Accounting remuneration trends

  • 63% of CFOs and finance leaders plan to increase salaries
  • 39% of them plan to increase bonuses

Hiring intentions

  • 53% of CFOs are adding new permanent positions
  • 37% are maintaining or only filling vacated positions
  • 7% are freezing headcount and a low 3% are anticipating decreases
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