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26 October 2016

Singaporean CFOs are ambitious to progress further and are determined to remain within the finance remit as part of the next step in their career. Read more here.

17 October 2016

A promotion doesn’t automatically mean a bigger pay cheque in Singapore as research from Robert Half indicates only 17 per cent of companies always provide a pay rise following a promotion. Read...

29 September 2016

The cost of compliance in Singapore is increasing as government regulations place added pressure on businesses, which is driving demand for skilled financial services professionals. Read more here...

15 September 2016

Singapore’s battle against cyber-criminals is about to intensify with technology leaders predicting an increase in cyber-attacks due to the lack of skilled IT security personnel. Read more here...

15 August 2016

Singaporean finance teams are increasingly relying on interim managers to manage projects and transform their businesses. Read more here.

01 August 2016

57% of Singapore businesses experience ‘inner resignation’ where staff are physically present but mentally absent

22 March 2016

2016 is expected to bring only modest salary increases to professionals in Singapore. Learn more about the range of increases in key industry sectors.

23 February 2016

Fintech is one of the most promising industries but are we at just the tip of the iceberg? Explore the increasing role of Fintech in Singapore, from the people leading the change.

18 January 2016

Which career paths are looking most prosperous this year? The Robert Half hiring outlook survey explores finance, banking, accounting and technology sectors

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