5 tips to revitalise your career over Chinese New Year

Ambitious professionals can use this time to reassess where they are in their career for even greater success in the Year of the Pig. Read more here.

With Chinese New Year on February 5, many professionals in Singapore are looking to celebrate their achievements from the previous year and are set to enjoy a well-deserved rest with friends and family.

Beyond festivities, ambitious professionals can use this time to reassess where they are in their career for even greater success in the Year of the Pig. Specialist recruiter Robert Half advises five ways that Singaporean professionals can revitalise their career in the New Year: 

1.    Take stock of your career and set goals 
Whether it’s working towards a bigger salary, delegating more, finding a mentor, joining a professional group, or searching for a new job altogether, professionals should take the time to plan what they want to get out of their career for the year ahead. This includes re-evaluating the extent they are passionate about what they do, and if they are leveraging key skills within their current role.

Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard, Managing Director of Robert Half Singapore said: “It is common for professionals and jobseekers to sometimes lose sight of their overall career path if they do not make deliberate attempts to chart their own progress and determine to what extent they have achieved their personal goals. This Chinese New Year break, professionals should take the opportunity to assess their current work situation and think about how they are progressing toward their desired career path.”

2.    Audit social media profiles and refresh your resume
Singaporean employers are increasingly turning to social media platforms like LinkedIn for recruitment. As such, jobseekers and professionals alike should automatically assume that employers will review their social media presence to gain a more complete picture of them as an individual.  This Chinese New Year, professionals who are looking to make the career switch should do some digital housekeeping in order to present themselves in the best possible light on social media to prospective employers. 

“For jobseekers, if there’s anything on your social media profiles you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see then it’s time to amend or delete that information, or to review your privacy settings.”

Additionally, Chinese New Year presents a good opportunity for professionals who are considering applying for a new job to update their resumes and LinkedIn profiles to ensure it reflects their most recent professional accomplishments. 

Jobseekers can increase the likelihood that a recruiter will take a closer look at their profile if they maintain an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile. With an updated version ready to submit by the time they want to apply, they will not find themselves off-guard when their desired opportunities come their way,” explained Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard.

3.    Start networking
The Lunar New Year season presents a perfect opportunity for professionals to network, not only by speaking with friends and family, but even to network with industry professionals. This could be a good time to get back in touch with old contacts, reach out to former colleagues and take part in professional gatherings.

“Professionals often never really know when their connections may be useful in their career, or what opportunities may be waiting for them just around the corner. Networking regularly can widen their connections in a laid-back and festive atmosphere, which can definitely help set up potential opportunities in the rest of the year.” 

4.    Plan to learn a new skill in the Year of the Pig
Jobseekers can use this time to look for courses to boost their existing knowledge to improve soft and technical skills, thereby increasing their standing in a competitive employment market. This could include leveraging MySkillsFuture to access industry information and searching for training programs based on their current career and learning needs.

“Developing in-demand skills can help jobseekers advance in their current role, increase their chances of a promotion and help them stand out against other candidates when applying for a new job.”

5.    Enjoy a break over Chinese New Year
“Although this may sound counterintuitive, taking a break can actually help a professional’s career. Work-life balance is important, and time away from the office can be useful to clear one’s mind, reset their focus and help them feel more positive to face the year ahead. So professionals should not feel guilty about not working and take this time to just relax,” concluded Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard.


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