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In addition to identifying employment trends through our daily interactions with companies and jobseekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and workplace issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of Singaporean CFOs, CIOs, senior managers and office workers.

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Six reasons why it’s smart to look for a job in December

You could be forgiven for thinking December is an undesirable time of year to search for a new job – but you’d be wrong. Read more here. 

Technical skills carry more weight than soft skills when hiring IT staff: Survey

CIOs admit they have hired someone who was the right cultural fit but overall lacked some of the technical requirements for the role. Read more here.

Majority of Singaporean leaders have hired the wrong person for the job: Research

New research shows the majority of Singapore’s CFOs have hired an employee who did not meet expectations. Read more here.

IT employers jump on TeSA to upskill and retrain staff as skills gap widens

Singapore’s IT employers expect positive results from the government’s new TechSkills Accelerator program. Read more here.

Singaporean IT leaders concerned skills shortage could hinder Smart Nation

IT leaders are concerned Singapore does not have the IT talent readily available for the building of a Smart Nation-ready workforce. Read more here.