IT and Technology Salary Guide

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IT and Technology Salary Guide

The Robert Half Salary Guide offers jobseekers and hiring mangers the latest information on recruitment trends and IT salaries.

Singapore currently has a bustling technology and IT sector, so download your complimentary copy today to find the right IT salary to aid your upcoming remuneration decisions.

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IT salary trends for the year ahead

With skills shortages prevalent in many functional areas, companies will need to adjust their salary packages to remain competitive to attract and retain staff. In a market where companies are competing to secure skilled talent, top IT candidates know they are the in high demand and can negotiate accordingly.

The soft skills list is growing

IT hiring managers are looking for candidates with a greater array of soft skills that can contribute to the business. While technical skillsets remain at the forefront of the technology industry, soft skills such as a personal learning aptitude and adaptability are highly valued in candidates.

Technical skills are becoming more specific

Cyber-security has become a key priority to ensure that businesses are well-protected against external threats, which means the demand for IT security specialists is expected to increase. Professionals with project management skills are also in high demand to lead cyber-security initiatives.

Salary Calculator

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What's impacting your industry in 2017?

Download the guide to access the coming year's salary scale projections and the key recruitment trends affecting your sector.

Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting

With 97% of Singaporean CFOs finding it challenging to source skilled finance and accounting candidates and 51% saying they made a counteroffer to an employee who ended up leaving the company, organisations are now more than ever seeking highly skilled candidates to fill vacated positions. Learn more in the Finance and Accounting Salary Guide.

Financial services

Financial services

Despite a static hiring outlook for the year ahead, positive hiring trends are emerging in the financial services industry with SMEs seeking new hires to join growing businesses. With regulations growing increasingly strict, companies are also looking for candidates with strong compliance skills to mitigate rising costs. Read more in the Financial Services Salary Guide.