Why Should Organisations Invest In Employee Coaching

In recent years, employee coaching has taken on a life of its own with influences sporting like Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps engaging with their own personal coaches to stay ahead of their game.

In the corporate world, people have also embraced mentoring to improve and get ahead of the competition. A survey conducted by HBR of 140 leading coaches revealed three key reasons why employee coaches can help you - to develop high potentials or facilitate transition; to act as a sounding board; and to address derailing behaviour.

These benefits can also apply to business organisations, motivating employees and encouraging your team to love what they do.

Career Coaching
The premise of career coaching is to enhance career fulfilment and role fit. Career coaches typically deploy career profiling tools and tap into their own work experiences to work with clients to elicit clarity and enable action. A core goal is to help each client stay on track to achieve greater success and fulfilment at work.

Skills Coaching
Skills coaching tend to be highly focused, using precise methods to increase the capabilities of staff so they are better able to perform the tasks at hand. This type of coaching for employees can focus on soft skills - like communications or anger management, or encompass essential technical skills. More broadly, skills coaching forms part of the larger Learning & Development (L&D) blueprint of more established companies.

Personal or Life Coaching
With change being the only constant, corporate leaders are gradually paying more than lip service when they say their people are their best asset. In keeping with this, personal or life coaching is often offered as avenues of support in times of personal crises, like the loss of loved ones, depression and other debilitating conditions that may affect the emotional and mental wellbeing of staff. In good times, clients also turn to life coaches for clarity on how to regain their enthusiasm, energy and motivation thereby allowing them to maintain peak performance in their career.

Executive Coaching
At the other end of the spectrum, executive coaching focuses on the leadership and personal development of top corporate leaders and high potentials. This coaching methodology provides ongoing mid to long term support, and gives clients consistent access to a sounding board. It can be extremely effective to create avenues to reflect, resolve and achieve more self-awareness.

At the heart of coaching is a meaningful partnership that encourages people to tap into their latent potential, and ultimately be the best they can be. While coaching is vested with good intention, it is paramount that business organisations do their due diligence and explore a good coach-client fit. Taking the time to invest in quality employee coaching services is a key step in creating a place for your employees to love what they do.

Create a place for employees to love what they do.



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