Six reasons why it’s smart to look for a job in December

You could be forgiven for thinking December is an undesirable time of year to search for a new job – but you’d be wrong. Read more here. 

The end of the year is approaching fast; so, you could be forgiven for thinking December is an undesirable time of year to search for a new job – but you’d be wrong.

Throughout December, many companies across Singapore will be proactively assessing their staffing needs so new talent can be onboarded in time to hit the ground running in early 2019. In fact, statistics compiled by the Ministry of Manpower revealed total employment rates were at their strongest in the fourth quarter of 2017, with unemployment rates declining for overall (from 2.2% in September 2017 to 2.1% in December 2017), residents (3.1% to 2.9%) and citizens (3.2% to 3.0%) [1]. 

And that’s a common trend looking back over past years, with employment increasing in the fourth quarter of 2017, higher than the same period in 2016 [2].

Here are six reasons why December is a great time for talented candidates to get stuck into their job searches. 

  1. Companies are planning for the year ahead – Recruiting at the end of the year means companies can ensure new employees are at their desks and up-to-speed in good time for January – a busy time of year for many businesses. 
  2. Other jobseekers drop out of the race – Taking your career planning and job searches seriously in December could mean you’ll be applying for quality opportunities in a much less competitive environment. 
  3. Employers are more likely to fill positions faster – In December’s typically talent-short marketplace, the strongest candidates are likely to be snapped up and onboarded more quickly than at any other time of year because hiring managers want to finish up their recruitment processes before the end of the year. 
  4. More networking opportunities – As seasonal events start to take place throughout December, now could be the perfect time of year to seek out some networking opportunities. Whether it’s an invite to a business function or an event hosted by a professional association, there will be plenty of end-of-year occasions that could lead to new connections and discussions about potential job-openings. 
  5. Get ahead of the game in 2019 – By proactively starting conversations with prospective employers now, you could find yourself front of mind and ahead of the competition as more jobseekers start their search early next year.   
  6. Companies are using leftover budget – December can be a popular time for companies and departments to create and advertise new roles they now know they can sustain – especially when there’s a chance unused budget will be lost next year. 





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