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Flexible working hours: 7 benefits your business is missing out on

Flexible working hours are becoming the norm as many companies seek to provide adequate work-life balance for not just their current employees, but future candidates. Find out what benefits your business may be missing by not providing a balanced working environment.

Dealing with hostile coworkers the smart way

In today’s work environment we already deal with workplace stress such as meeting deadlines and managing schedules. The last thing we want is to have problems with our colleagues. Worst of all, dealing with hostile coworkers. If you are finding it challenging to deal with hostile coworkers, try the following strategies.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): how to do it right

In today’s rapidly changing business world, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become more than just a buzzword. Both consumers and employees have become more discerning about what they buy and where they work. Here are some tips on how to ensure your CSR program is a success.

3 little known benefits of CSR

Have you thought recently about strengthening your company’s corporate social responsibility profile? Whether you're engaging with your local community or lending support to a well-renowned NGO, the benefits of CSR can bring out the very best in your company. Here are some benefits that your business could experience by delving more into CSR.