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Employee happiness: How SMBs are winning the game – and retaining their best talent!

While large, multinational companies may have the image of big benefits and support to their employees, the latest research shows that small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are paving the way when it comes to truly inspiring employee happiness in the workplace. So what are they doing differently?

Employee underperformance: Are you part of the problem?

If you find a team member slipping up at work, it helps to ask yourself certain questions first before confronting them about their lacklustre performance. Ask yourself these questions first before confronting your employees about their lacklustre performance.

Lying on your resume will come back to haunt you

Painting a pretty picture won’t work if it’s worth a thousand lies. Stretching the truth on your resume to get the job you want is a bad idea. Find out why lying on your resume can have severe short and long term consequences on your career.