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6 ways to encourage business innovation with your team

Business innovation is the backbone of every successful company. Is your team working towards setting your business apart from the competition? Discover six ways to encourage innovation on your team.

New team member? Here's your employee induction checklist

A good employee induction program will make all the difference in getting your new recruit acquainted with both the role, and the business operations. Here's a checklist to make sure your HR is ticking all the boxes.

5 management myths that need hard facts

There are many common assumptions when it comes to being a leader and managing a team. Some strategies are common while others are more profound. Find out if these persistent management myths are true and break the spell for yourself.

Unhappy at work - 5 career regrets you wish you knew earlier

Hindsight is a powerful tool, and provides an opportunity to reflect on where and how our working lives might have been more satisfying. What would you change? No matter where you are in your career, here’s how to learn from the past to overcome being unhappy at work.

Should I quit my job without a back-up plan?

Has the question ‘should I quit my job’ been popping up in your mind lately? With Singapore’s mid and high-level professionals experiencing higher unemployment rates this year, the decision to resign should be a careful, informed and rational one. Here are five questions you should ask yourself first before deciding to quit your job.


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