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Why lying about your income may backfire

Recruiters often ask potential candidates about their previous salary during job interviews. While it may be tempting to inflate that number in hopes of gaining higher compensation at the new job, lying about your income may prove very unwise.

Hiring the right employee: 10 red flags to watch out for

Finding the right employee can often be similar to finding the right partner. Someone who looks good on paper, is not necessarily the best person for the job. Here are some common deal-breakers to consider when looking at hiring the right employee.

4 smart ways to hone your listening skills

Fast, non-stop, whirlwind – does this describe your day? Regardless of your profession, family life or personal interests, there’re just not enough hours in the day. And with all this hustle and haste, there’s one skill that’s rapidly becoming a lost art – listening skills.


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