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How to kill stress with work-life balance strategies

Sharing work-life balance strategies could change the way a business runs, with increased competitiveness and profitability for companies and less stress for employees. It’s also more likely employees will stick around.

How to ask for a raise: To persuade or negotiate?

"How to ask for a raise?" It can be a tricky question. Ask yourself: Is your pay commensurate with the industry average? Are you being paid what you're worth? Find out which approach you should take to negotiate the ideal the number.

IT security in SMEs: Why your company could be a stepping stone for hackers

As larger companies increasingly invest significant sums in comprehensive IT security measures, under-prepared SMEs are left vulnerable and exposed. The calculating hacker - always scanning for chinks in the armour of big corporations - now looks at SMEs as a way to attack the larger vendors. Here are six ways to ensure the best possible defence against cyber-criminals.


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