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Need to calculate the starting salary for a position you're hiring for?
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The Robert Half Salary Calculator puts information on current salaries in Singapore at your fingertips.

Our pay calculator can help you discover the salaries for finance, accounting, financial services and technology professionals.



About the Salary Calculator

The Robert Half Salary Calculator is designed to offer a quick and easy insight into salaries for specific industries in Singapore.

Whether you're a jobseeker searching for your ideal salary, an employee who is preparing to re-negotiate their salary, or a hiring manager preparing to hire for new roles, our Salary Calculator can help provide you with the insight based on your skills, experience and qualifications.

The pay calculator can create a customised pay range for your role based on specialisation, job category and job title.

Our salaries are presented in percentiles

These percentiles are determined by a candidate’s skill-set and experience level, as well as the complexity of their role – the higher the percentile the more complex the role and the greater skill-set and experience level required.

By providing a more comprehensive salary overview for all jobs, this approach allows hiring managers to better benchmark starting salaries against a candidate’s experience and qualifications.

For jobseekers

  • Use the Salary Calculator to know if your current salary matches average market rates
  • Give yourself greater negotiating power when it is performance review time
  • Understand starting salaries when plotting your next career move

For hiring managers

  • Know what salary to offer when recruiting high-calibre professionals across Singapore
  • Be armed with the latest salary figures when conducting performance reviews with your team
  • Develop accurate HR budgets using the Salary Calculator results

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