How do I become a Web Developer in Singapore?

By Robert Half on 19 August 2022
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Since the proliferation of mobile devices, most consumers and companies have moved online, and need web developers build and optimise websites.

Web developers also take app ideas and create actual software.

And it probably does not hurt that there are not enough of them to go around.

Consequently, most experienced web developers are in a great position in this year’s Singapore job market.

How do I become a Web Developer?

Web developers play a vital role in building your organisation’s digital brand.

When you are applying for this position, you need strong tech skills, a good understanding of design and a security-first mindset.

You also need consummate soft skills. Your will be working closely with designers, analysts, and business stakeholders to create a first-rate digital experience.

Communicating complex ideas to a non-tech audience could be just as important as fluency in any given programming language.

These IT pros need to be able to work well with business users, founders (especially if they are at start-ups) and customers.

Web developers who are outgoing and able to articulate what they do daily are highly prized and can command very high salaries.

What is the role of a Web Developer?

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Web Developer?

  • Gather business requirements and develop specifications for web-based applications
  • Provide technical assistance to web administrators
  • Integrate websites with back-end systems, such as databases
  • Write test plans and test results

What qualification do I need to become a Web Developer?

  • In-depth knowledge of internet protocols and applications in addition to a solid understanding of business strategy
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work both individually and as part of a team
  • Well-versed in a variety of web technologies and tools, such as AJAX, ColdFusion, JavaScript, SOAP, HTML, LAMP and others
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, plus several years of web-related experience. Work experience can sometimes be substituted for the educational requirement

This is an occupation that generally does not require a certification in web development.

Most companies in Singapore are looking for developers who have produced software that is already on the market and working effectively.

How important is coding for a Web Developer?

A top web developer lives and breathes coding. They will often spend 60 hours a week coding at work, and 30 more coding on their own.

In addition, the best web developers contribute to the open-source community and have their own websites and JavaScript libraries.

They also might tweet about their most recent frameworks for Ruby or JavaScript.

What are other requirements to be a Web Developer?

IT plays a strategic role in many companies, and web developers may be asked to attend meetings and provide progress reports to leadership. Good candidates do not have to be extroverts, just comfortable speaking in front of others.

Web developers work closely with the rest of the development team.

They understand how data is structured, what functions are available, how APIs are called and how web services are configured.

All candidates should have worked with APIs for well-known commercial services, such as those offered by Twitter, Slack, Dropbox and the suite of APIs offered by Google.

Candidates also should be able to explain how to call API functions and integrate results into their design. Seasoned professionals may have helped to develop and document their own APIs.

They will be able to talk about how they worked with the development team to create secure and useful interfaces.

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