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In addition to identifying employment trends through our daily interactions with companies and jobseekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and workplace issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of Singaporean CFOs, CIOs, senior managers and office workers.

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Singaporean employers willing to raise initially-planned starting salaries by an average of 10%

Singapore’s financial services employers are willing to pay above-average salaries in order to secure top talent. Read more here. 

Singapore’s IT employees seeking greener pastures

The desire for more work-life balance and career diversity/progression is making IT employees look for new job opportunities. Read more here.

Here’s how IT employees get higher starting salaries: Survey

Research reveals Singapore’s IT leaders are willing to raise starting salaries for top IT professionals to secure talent in a skills-short market.

From salary to work-life balance: What motivates Singaporean workers?

Robert Half research has found work-life balance has become a more prominent motivation for many Singaporean professionals than a higher salary.

Work-life balance improving for two-thirds of financial services employees 

Robert Half research shows the balance between the professional and personal lives of Singapore’s financial services employees is improving.