How to accept a job offer after salary negotiations

By Robert Half on 20 June 2023
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The hard part is over: you aced the interview, successfully negotiated your salary expectations, and clarified your job requirements. Then you get the email – your employer thinks you’re the perfect candidate for the job! All you have to do is accept their offer. 

However, accepting a job offer after you have negotiated your salary needs to be done with care. On the one hand, you want to ensure both you and your employer-to-be are on the same page, and on the other, you want to move swiftly to secure your interest and start working at your new organisation. 

Why how you accept a job offer after salary negotiations is important

According to the 2024 Robert Half Singapore Salary Guide, salaries are soaring and hiring is first on employers’ minds. Additionally, trends in today’s hiring market show that employers are particularly concerned with employee retention. In other words – they want a long-term fit, and chances are, you do too!

What this means for you as an employee-to-be is that you and your new employer can start off on the right foot, when you accept their offer. Since your salary negotiation would have taken place during the interview stages, accepting the offer simply means crafting a tasteful response to their email or letter, or verbally doing so over the telephone.

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Steps to take to accept a job offer

Carefully read through the offer

“The biggest mistake I’ve seen candidates make is to accept the terms of their offer without reading it through properly,” says Eugenia Underwood, Division Manager at Robert Half Singapore.

Check your start date, salary, benefits, and terms of employment and make sure you’re in agreement with them. In addition, make a list of any questions or concerns you have or any points you’d like to clarify as you read through the offer letter. 

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Clarify any misunderstandings and get the revised offer in writing 

If appropriate, ask the HR manager if they can spare some time for a phone call. Then, work through each item on your list, taking the time to ensure both you and the organisation are on the same page.

It may also be worthwhile to rehearse your conversation beforehand – either with a friend or alone (you can record it and play it back). 

Once both you and the organisation are amenable to the conditions of your offer, ask for the revised offer in writing. “This prevents any future misunderstandings between you and the organisation,” adds Eugenia

Handle any renegotiations with care

Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly acceptable to renegotiate the terms of your offer if they’re not up to the mark or not the same as what you and the organisation originally discussed.

However, ensure your tone and the way you conduct yourself remains polite and your enthusiasm to work at the organisation is consistent with what you projected during the interview stage.

“It’s absolutely fine to ask for different terms, but you still want put yourself forward as a candidate who is excited by the opportunity,” explains Eugenia. 

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Be polite and professional

Although the offer is on the table, how you accept the job offer after salary negotiations are done still reflects on you. If you want to, you can thank the people you interviewed with when you respond to the offer. Overall, though, ensure your tone reflects the same level of professionalism and politeness you put forth while interviewing for the job. 

Attach any requested supporting documentation 

If asked, remember to attach any supporting documentation needed by the organisation such as training certifications, or identification documents.  

Keep it short

Lastly, since you’re simply accepting the offer, and salary negotiations are finished, it’s best to be as brief and as clear as possible. 

Sample acceptance response to an offer letter

Subject line: Acceptance of job offer

Dear [name],

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your email offering me the position of [job title] at [company name].

I have reviewed the terms of employment and am happy to accept my starting salary of [salary] as [position or job title]. I have also reviewed the terms and conditions outlined in the contract, and accept them.  

I would like to confirm my start date at [company name] will be [date]. As we discussed earlier, this allows me to give my current employer adequate notice and provide a smooth transition for my departure. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require any additional information from me at this time, and thank you, again, for this opportunity. I look forward to working at [company name]. 

Best wishes,

Your name

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