Salary and Hiring Trends

How to answer “What are your salary expectations?”

It’s the most dreaded question in any job interview: “What are your salary expectations?” Unfortunately, it can't be avoided, especially when online application systems make answering the question a requirement. Follow these five tips the next time you’re asked this tricky question.

Why lying about your current salary may backfire

Recruiters often ask potential candidates about their previous salary during job interviews. While it may be tempting to inflate that number in hopes of gaining higher compensation at the new job, lying about your income may prove very unwise.

How to ask for your expected salary in Singapore

The expected salary range question can be a tricky one to answer. These days, getting your expected salary is not as simple as providing a figure. Learn the right approach to ace your interview.

4 reasons to pay a competitive salary and benefits

Don't disregard the long term benefits of paying a competitive salary. You may find investing your staff will pay dividends in the long run. Find out how you can benefit with these top tips.