How to negotiate an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore

By Robert Half on 23 August 2023
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Since 2018, 80 of the top 100 global tech firms have established a presence in Singapore. Once a sleepy fishing town, Singapore is now home to global tech giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft.

Revered as a prominent East-West trading centre and the gateway to the lucrative Asian market, Singapore offers a well-educated and highly skilled talent pool to power the technology sector. In fact, the most recent Global Talent Competitiveness Index ranks Singapore second in the world when it comes to attracting talent, making it the only Asian country in the top 10.

In the dynamic realm of information technology (IT), project management is at the core of the many complex initiatives that drive Singapore’s well renowned tech successes. Among the many fundamental roles is that of an IT Project Manager.

Indispensable in the delivery of successful projects, IT Project Managers are highly sought after by Singapore businesses.

In this blog, we will explore the roles and responsibilities of an IT Project Manager while outlining the industry salary standards. We will also provide tips and considerations for navigating and negotiating an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore, so you can decide whether the role is a good match for you.

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IT Project Manager roles and responsibilities

With the unwavering global focus on digitisation and innovation, tech has become one of the few Singapore industries in need of constant talent.

Organisations have come to depend on IT Project Managers to execute their business goals in the IT space and maximise their business outcomes.

Their distinct ability to plan, organise and integrate cross-functional IT projects, makes them vital contributors within an organisation. Business success often hinges on their ability to execute action plans, lead teams, manage resources and respond to change. As we will learn, it is these very factors that influence the opportunities and discussions around an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore.

Tasked with managing projects that are often significant in scope and impact, IT Project Managers are ultimately responsible for meeting business or client needs, from project inception to completion. Given their involvement with new applications and infrastructural systems, it’s expected that an IT Project Manager is well versed about processes and practices within the business, as well as associated technology domains.

Day to day, an IT Project Manager serves as a liaison between the business and the technical aspects of assigned projects. As such, their core responsibilities include:

  • Leading IT projects and developing strategies to ensure the timely delivery of assigned projects.
  • Formulating and managing project budgets.
  • Communicating and collaborating with cross functional teams including: stakeholders, IT managers, vendors and executive leaders.
  • Leading risk management and mitigation efforts.
  • Managing the allocation of resources including: people, hardware and software.
  • Maintaining the relevant standards of compliance.
  • Gathering, analysing and reporting IT metrics.
  • Managing project closures and post project evaluations.

Successful IT Project Managers are able to action these technical deliverables with acute attention to detail, agility and resilience.

IT Project Manager salary standards in Singapore

With IT Project Managers attracting significant attention from Singapore businesses, it’s no surprise that many IT graduates and professionals are intrigued by the role.

With project outcomes hinging on meticulous planning and multifaceted expertise, organisations are willing to provide competitive compensation packages to secure well-equipped candidates.

When it comes to an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore, it’s important to understand that your earning potential is directly impacted by your level of experience, education and the industry you work in. According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, IT Project Managers in the financial services, commerce and industry fields can generally expect salaries within the below ranges (exclusive of bonuses, benefits and the Central Provider Fund):

  • Beginner -$125k
  • Mid-Level - $1575k
  • Advanced -$188k

Suriani Norahim, specialised tech recruiter and division director at Robert Half views articulation and justification as the keys to salary success.

Employers need tangible evidence before they agree to your proposed salary. They want relevant examples of previous project outcomes. If you’ve delivered a cybersecurity project that’s great, but, what really piques their interest is if you’ve delivered it before schedule or under budget. It’s all about finding IT Project Managers who go above and beyond the standard responsibilities.


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Negotiating an IT Project Managers salary in Singapore

Knowledge is power - by staying abreast of the expected salary range for an IT Project Manager in Singapore, you can confidently navigate the salary negotiation process and secure the best possible package.

In this competitive job market, it’s critical to recognise the factors that influence salary ranges so that you can prepare and negotiate based on your unique value proposition.

In order to negotiate a lucrative IT Project Manager salary in Singapore, it’s important to:

1. Research salary trends

Research is the first step of negotiating an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore. A thorough understanding of market salary trends will allow you to navigate negotiations so that you can be confident in your worth and make a compelling compensation case.

Take the time to conduct your own research and be clear on your ideal figure. If you receive an offer, consider how it fits in the context of the wider market. The Robert Half Salary Guide offers comprehensive salary data and insights to help you ascertain whether an offer is within the market range for your experience and position level.

If the offer is below the market averages or, if you feel you are worth more, it’s important to justify this to your prospective employer.

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2. Highlight your value

Competent IT Project Managers are extremely valuable to businesses, hence their high demand. When negotiating an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore, leverage market demand by concisely and confidently communicating your value.

Be prepared to justify your desired salary using quantifiable evidence relating to your past projects, certifications, professional development and career successes. Align your examples to the organisation’s own objectives.

Be specific, take the time to emphasise any niche technical skills and proven expertise with IT project methodologies. IT Project Managers with advanced experience in cloud computing, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity and ERP systems like Salesforce, are ideal candidates in today’s market.

Don’t discount the value of soft skills - organisations look for IT Project Managers who can balance their certified expertise with personal proficiencies. Skills like relationship building, clear communication, negotiation and conflict resolution are critically important to the role.

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3. Consider the value beyond salary

While salary is important, the total compensation package cannot be understated when negotiating.

Always evaluate the entire package, taking into account benefits such as: bonuses, health insurance and hybrid work models.

If an employer cannot increase their salary offer, look to negotiate the terms of the wider package. Consider other options that you’d be willing to accept as part of the offer to enrich your employee experience i.e., flexible work hours and/or extra annual leave entitlements.

The additional, non-monetary benefits could help to form the best complete package for you as an IT Project Manager in Singapore.

4. Maintain a collaborative approach

When it comes to negotiating an IT Project Manager salary in Singapore, remember that your manner can help to set you apart from the deep, highly skilled talent pool.

Salary negotiation is a collaborative process, it may involve multiple discussions so, it’s important to remain polite, patient and professional throughout the process.

This two-way conversation requires active listening to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement. Be open to compromises and feedback but, take charge of the situation in a positive manner to help assert your confidence and preparedness for further negotiations.

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As Singapore continues to cement itself as a global leader in the field of information technology, the demand for skilled IT Project Managers rises exponentially. Their capacity to drive business success, cements IT Project Managers as top candidates for attractive compensation. By articulating your unique value proposition with a professional approach and tangible evidence, you can strengthen your negotiation efforts to justify your ideal IT Project Manager salary in Singapore.

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