Accounting and finance

How to become a CFO – 7 steps to guide your career path

Leading the financial operations of a company requires significant expertise in your field. No matter what stage you are in your finance career, make sure you are on the right path to establish your professional expertise towards this C-suite position. In this blog, we explore how to become a CFO and what skills you may need to set yourself up for this opportunity.

Will Robo advisors make finance more efficient?

The fast pace of technology innovation has introduced digital automation into many industries. In financial services, automation can come in the form of robo advisors – financial planning software that helps investors manage their portfolios and process investment data. With such automated efficiency, will robo advisors be the future of Asia’s banking and finance sector and what does it mean for banking professionals?

Compliance hiring - What you need to know

Risk and compliance are crucial components of any business. However recruitment for this niche department requires understanding the fundamentals of compliance hiring. If you're hiring for the compliance industry, find out what you need to know about sourcing talent in this sector.