Thought Leadership

IT security in SMEs: Why your company could be a stepping stone for hackers

As larger companies increasingly invest significant sums in comprehensive IT security measures, under-prepared SMEs are left vulnerable and exposed. The calculating hacker - always scanning for chinks in the armour of big corporations - now looks at SMEs as a way to attack the larger vendors. Here are six ways to ensure the best possible defence against cyber-criminals.

6 ways to encourage innovation on your team

Business innovation is the backbone of every successful company. Is your team working towards setting your business apart from the competition? Discover six ways to encourage innovation with your team.

Bad leadership: 10 mistakes every great leader avoids

It's not easy being a leader. However if you are aware of the various pitfalls that can lead to bad leadership, you can recognise these habits early on and adjust your leadership style accordingly. Here are 10 mistakes that every great leader should avoid.

How to keep employees engaged through job redesign

Job redesign is a valuable method whereby to keep employees engaged when responding to a change environment in the business. Learn how you can implement these strategies and boost company morale and productivity.

How to find remote jobs without leaving the house

With in-person meetings off-limits, your job search will look a little different right now, but you can still press on. Here’s how to find remote work without leaving your home.